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Abortion, Who Am I To Judge? #MyLifeMyChoice

Abortion is something that is so controversial worldwide, but very much so in Ireland because of it's backwards ways. The majority of the country's power still focus on the Christianity side of things such as a baby is a baby with feelings and life, etc.

I'm well aware of how babies grow and form. But I have to be straight and say I am completely pro abortion.

*Cue The Horrified Faces and Unfollowing To Commence*

It's true. I don't see the problem with abortion because who am I to tell another woman how to live her life? All of us do things differently and get into different situations. And it's easy to play the "What a horrible person she is for aborting her baby. That was a baby, a human who deserved to live."

Not being funny, but it's easy for people to point the finger and say this, yet if you were in a situation where a baby wasn't in your current plan, abortion could be an option among others for you. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, if you're not ready to have a baby don't have sex. Get over yourselves and quit with the guilt trips. It's the 21st century. Shit happens. But that gives NO ONE the right to decide for someone else how to live their life. I think it's ridiculous how we here in Ireland vote on whether to allow abortion to happen because, essentially, we're voting between whether a woman should be made a criminal and travel abroad to abort or to give her options locally like a decent country should do.

We have NO idea about the stress female strangers have to go through when finding out they're having a baby. Of course it sounds "harsh" to abort a baby because you can't afford to raise it, for example, but rather that than grow up malnourished. Sounds extreme, but it's happening. It's happening more than we think these days with the economy the way it is, even though they "claim" it's getting better.

Ha. Better? Yeah, say that to the families who eat whatever they can in the dark because the ESB crowd are too desensitized to the fact that people are suffering to give them extra time to pay the bills.

In Ireland, even if a woman is raped, possibly going to die during the birth or the baby is guaranteed not to survive because of it's development, women still aren't allowed abort depending on the actual situation, and if they do abort, they're looked down on and basically shunned by these pro-life preachers. Pro-life preachers, the extremists have to be the most horrible people I've ever come across, with signs like the one below being thrown around like it's okay to say.

Things like this are completely unacceptable.

People are getting way to comfortable with the side of "But the baby is a human with thoughts and feelings."

Well I say "And so is the woman." 

There is no right or wrong. It's all individual choice.

There are millions upon millions of people being bombed, murdered and killed on a daily basis worldwide, yet when a cell is dissolved by a woman who is responsibly considering the reality of her situation, there's uproar. Get your fucking priorities straight here.

The only thing I don't agree to is aborting babies when they are very clearly developed. So in my opinion, when an abortion takes place while the baby is still an embryo (8 weeks and under), then fair enough. But without the proper facilities here in Ireland, it'll take longer for the woman to organise an appointment abroad in the UK, not to mention pay for it. And that means the embryo is getting closer to developing into a fully functioning baby that will feel pain when it's aborted. I understand how this can be seen as murder. But when cells are dissolved because of the mother's choice, so what. 

I also don't agree to women aborting because it seems the easy option. Those who are in the situation should be capable of focusing on their options and not a quick fix. Adoption is another option, but I understand that once having a baby and having to give him/her away would make the situation almost unbearable because of the mother-baby bond. However, adoption can help those women who struggle to have babies at all. But my point is still the fact that it is the woman's choice, not the choice of a population.

Overall, the way I will sum up my side to this sensitive subject is on a not so sensitive note:

Get your act together, Ireland and provide the modern day facilities. Constantly complaining about how so many people are moving abroad. Well I don't blame them if you're going to treat us like cave people.

 Pro-life preachers, keep out of other people's life decisions and focus on your own life choices. If you don't believe in what other people do, then get your nose out of their business and practice what you preach in your own life. That's all you can do.  

Babies deserve a life, yes. But women deserve reasonable choices for their individual situations. They should not be treated like they've done something wrong or to be made feel guilty by strangers of the world.

I want people to start listening first and really thinking about what we're saying when we say no to abortion. We're basically telling a fellow female her decision is wrong and she will be judged badly for it.

Let's show we're listening, that we're here to support these women who feel like their world has turned upside down and also here to help all women (and men!) stuck in an abortion battle.

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Say it loud and say it proud!




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