Thursday, 31 December 2015

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The 'Mean Girls' Side To The Blogging Community

The blogging community is like a little hole in Twitter for, mostly girls (from what I've seen), to pretend to like each other just for the sake of having more followers than someone else. It's like the movie Mean Girls acted out in the blogging world. 

Let me explain.

I've admittedly become a Tweet-head and used Twitter for communicating with other bloggers, getting feedback about my own blog as well as discussing opinions about things I write and things other people write. 

To a stranger browsing through the tweets and contents, the blogging world appears very inviting and very friendly. People are paying each others compliments, following each other and retweeting each other's blog posts for better recognition.

From an insiders point of view, you know what I've seen over the last month and a half as an Underdog Blogger in the community? Complete bullshit.

To survive in the blog community, you have to read other people's blogs and give genuine comments about their posts which makes sense because you want people to do the same for you. Read your stuff and hopefully have an opinion on it. I've begun to do this and found some great writers and people who are writing for the love of writing which actually makes them really nice people too.

Then you have 

The Fakers.

1. Follow Me So I Look Better!

The Fakers are these people who have a lot of followers compared to someone like me, the Underdog Blogger, and you think "Wow, they must be great at writing!" and as naive as I was, I would tweet to them and think they were really nice. But after a month and a half, I began to realise I was just being used by them for their own blog promotion and they didn't give a toss about me or my writing.

 Some people are great bloggers and deserve the recognition they get, but others... Wow, in a different sense. Some people, for the sake of social appearance, follow other blogs on the condition that they are followed back. NO interest in the other person, what they write or tweet about. The Fakers just want high follow numbers to feel a sense of worth. I believe this is both trashy and shows how some people are more focused selfishly about their being "The Best" and use others to enhance their publicity instead of working alongside others.

You'll notice on my Twitter, my followers are roughly 130-140, and over a month and a half, I'm quite proud of that! But you know why it's not higher? Because I don't do this superficial "Follow for a Follow". I read other people's blogs, I follow them if I like their writing, and if they follow me back or not is their business. And this takes time, something I have recently because I'm on holidays, but when they're up, so is my time that's used to get to know other writers.

 Following others just so you can gain another follower proves that these bloggers gain more satisfaction by a high number rather than writing good quality content. And these don't deserve to be classed as writers as their sole purpose is using others for self-recognition.

2. Blog 24/7 Or Your Blog Dies!

I've also come to realise, you have to spend 24/7 blogging to keep your followers growing and to keep people reading. So to survive in the blogging community, you have to compete, compete, compete. I've become aware of how there are blogger chats every day on Twitter, usually around 7-8pm my time, and those who are proactive in these chats or are regulars, normally have more readers/followers. But who has time for that? I know I don't, so I don't take part that regularly!

I'm on Easter holidays, which is why I have been able to see how these chats work. But otherwise, when I'm in college, having snug time with Darren, or realising there's a world OUTSIDE of technology, it doesn't leave a lot of time for chatting. So to compete with bloggers who just blog forever, you're fucked in a way. This is because they have the time to spare and use every waking moment to write and work hard towards bettering their blog and fair play to those guys! 

And then there's the Fakers who tweet all day about their mulitple blogs and write anything that is not worthy of reading. 

3. Be One Of My Sheep 

Lastly, to conclude my rant at the in genuine aspect of the blogging community, is how there are cliques, and God forbid you don't want to become a part of it. This is because, again, they will bring all of their posse with them and leave your blog without "their support".

One group, which I grew sceptical of their intentions early on, was looking for people to write for their new blog and they asked me along with everyone else seen to be a part of the clique.

 And I declined. Why? Because they were building a blog based on OTHER people's writing. They had themes and posts to correspond with these themes, but barely any of the bloggers who started this blog wrote anything! AGAIN proving my point that they can't write and use other people's skills to gain publicity and popularity. I wasn't going to use my quick-wit, swearing and so I've been told 'humour' to benefit them for their blog's foundation.

I'm all for guest posting for other people and vice versa to help, but building your blog based on other blogger's submissions? Alriiiight.

Since then, I was shown the darker side to these bloggers who tried to start an argument with me through my inbox and I'm like "I don't even know you lot, you're giving out, yet I don't even know your name..." Lols. 

What made it bitchy? Because on the blog, they appeared 100% dedicated to other people, but behind that, they showed me that they were only focused on themselves for blog promotion and self gain. And that's what makes me laugh at bloggers who try to come across as inspiring writers who want to rid the world of everything negative. And yes, I have posts that are positively written, but I also have these not-so-happy posts. And to me, this is what writing is. Being honest, being direct but most importantly...

It's writing about things that others are too afraid to acknowledge

Such as the blogging community having a huge amount of girls competing to be the best and as a result, reeks of fake compliments, behind the back bitching and gaining sheep as followers to be seen as 'popular'.

And for this post I will probably be shunned. But atleast I took the time to write what I thought and didn't write with "This should get me lots of followers!" in the back of my mind. More so with thoughts of "This is wrecking my head, I'm going to give out about it online."

What do you guys think? Have you ever noticed any of the above going on in the blogging community? Comment all and any opinions below, I'd love to hear what you think!



  1. I love how truthful you have been in this post and I totally agree with you. There are a lot of lovely bloggers out there but always seem overshadowed by that handful of 'fakers'!
    Laura x

    1. Thanks a million for your reply, Laura. That's exactly how it is. Good writers overshadowed, but it just makes us work that little bit more! :)