Friday, 3 July 2015

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To Those Who Claim To Have #FirstWorldProblems

(WARNING: Excessive cursing as this was an anrgy rant at stupid people!)

I despise this thing of "#FirstWorldProblems" because it's complete bullshit started by stupid, ungrateful cunts. 

Miserable people shouldn't exist in the Western World. By this, I mean the more "well-off" people in comparison to the Third World. We have no issues of importance to worry about if we compare ourselves to the way of life in these beaten down countries. I understand at the minute in Ireland and other First World countries, we are very stuck financially and there are problems for the people who slip through the cracks that are walked over by the majority in terms of basic human rights like food, water and shelter, but that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about the spoiled people of this world, the ones who have more than they need, whether they're working or not, the ones who find a complaint in every aspect of life that they don't see their life as a blessing.

 Simple things like getting picked up at 3:00pm when they were meant to be picked up at 2:30pm. What's the big deal? That person was kind enough to take their own time to cater for your needs, and for the sake of 30 minutes of an entire day, you have a sour face. And I know because I've seen this. If you look to how much us women have in this world, we have everything a man has, maybe more, yet women elsewhere in the world have to fight to read a book in class. The amount of people I've witnessed throughout my education who squandered their opportunities to learn and used it as a way to be disrespectful to people who do. Not all, but I have seen and still see this happening. And their experience was clouded by a bad mood of being "stuck" in school.

It's an absolute disgrace that the biggest thing people are learning these days is how to be even bigger cunts than ever. 

We have so much freedom, quicker ways to communicate and an ability to travel with no restrictions on where we go. We have variety in what we eat and drink and all of the above is right at our feet. But for some people, that's not good enough.

The sad thing is, when unappreciative people are told to compare their life to a child struggling in a family of 8 with only their mother in the midst of war in Syria, for example, they'd be the first ones to roll their eyes. And forgive me if I mention starving children in Africa, because if that's mentioned it's basically "Shut up, I don't want to hear it." and is brushed off with a lack of interest in human suffering.

We are so emotionally detached from other people's troubles because we have created a "comfy and safe" world right on our couch for ourselves so that we can stay clear of any real problems or danger. But from what I've seen, staying in such a protective world really only leads to selfishness, greed and a bad attitude towards humanity. And by protective, I mean the worlds that are revolved around television, updating moany statuses on social media and making everyone a slave to your needs.

We don't have to fight in war, we don't worry about if we'll live to see tomorrow, we don't have to fear for our families and friends because we have no real threats to combat. 

All we worry about is if our phone is going to die because we want to play Candy Crush. We worry if we lose our wallet not because of it's contents but because it has Marvel characters on it. We worry if there's no food in the fridge when really there's plenty but not what we "feel" like eating. We even worry if Sky records all of our programmes properly so we can watch something else at the same time while we stuff our faces and take selfies hoping we get 200 likes on Facebook.

It takes one person, me, to wake up all of you sleepers out there who are so wrapped up in yourselves that you make up problems to complain about. 

You're life is not shit and if you say it is, it's because you choose to believe it, but that doesn't make it true.

People in the Developed World have a lot of pressure to deal with. Relationships, college, school, bills, employment and death. But we have everything in our hands to deal with these situations to make all our issues more bearable.

People living in under developed worlds don't have these luxuries. And they don't have a choice to believe their lives are tough, because their lives actually are. All they can decide is whether they have the strength to get up in the morning to walk miles to feed and water their families.

So a big shout out to those who live their lives making sure everyone around them feels sorry for you and your tough life with your iPhone, warm house and full stomach. A bit of honesty for you lot.

You might not care about those who suffer, but when there comes a time in your life where you need help, it won't come. 

You cried wolf too many times when you moaned about how your perfect life was shit and one day it will bite you back on your selfish ass.

I don't like people who take this life we were given for granted, but moreso, I hate when people think they have a right to bring down others to make them feel better. We're all in this together and whether we live in Europe or Africa, America or Australia, we should all appreciate the one thing we have in common.





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