Friday, 1 January 2016

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6 Things You Must Know When Starting Online Dating

This is part one of two segments linked to online dating. I'll start off by saying I've had my fair share of experiences and because of this, I've learned a lot. So for anyone thinking 2016 will bring you love online, make sure you keep these life experience tips in mind when you do so!

Part 2 will outline my AWFUL experiences with men when I encountered the scene of online dating. Ugh *shivers*

1. If you're going to set up a profile, don't feel you have to post a picture of yourself.

Yes, it can increase your chances of more people messaging you and blowing up your ego with all the attention, but even employers can find you on dating websites to see what you say. You have to be careful what you post online because anyone can see it. Dating sites are clever in the way your pictures are private so when you do message someone you like, go on and share that sexy mush of yours! Just be wise about it.

2. Put restrictions on your inbox.
I've had old men of 80 message me looking for "fun" and even couples into swinging! Yes it can be entertaining to get these random messages, but overall, you're allowing yourself to get targeted by anyone of any age, and messages and pictures can become pretty graphic. Save yourself the eye sores and block certain types from mailing you.

3. Keep a first date just a first date.

Do not arrange for anything more than a coffee, or a drink. Just keep in mind to have a first date run as far as 2-3 hours at the very maximum. If you like each other you'll have loads of time to see each other again, but if you don't like each other and want to get away, you know you can down that drink and suddenly have a million things to do! 

"I'm just so buuuuusy!!"

4. Never get in a car with a stranger.  
If you meet in a public place you will both have to make your own way back, so don't arrange a date where they pick you up or you meet them and drive somewhere else. It's not worth it. So many news stories go around about how someone disappeared and going somewhere by bus for the sake of arriving home alive is worth being a bus wanker!

 5. If you're uneasy in any way, get the fuck out.
You will get instinct vibes, whether good or bad, don't dismiss them. You can't get to know someone within the matter of a few hours, but we all have our instinct for a reason and that reason is to sense danger. It's just programmed in, so don't assume you're being silly or judgmental if you feel him touching you up is too much, but also don't assume overly sexual gestures as a sign of flirting. Everyone has their limits and you're within your rights completely to say get the fuck off me or I will scream, whether your a guy or girl!
"Stop that!"

6. Lastly, you don't even need to go there.
The way online dating has gone these days, it's more a golden pages for who's horny and looking for a bit. Everyone deserves more than sitting at home messaging randomers in the hopes they like you. Fuck them! If you want to meet up with people go ahead, but don't feel that because you're single and you've no local potentials that online dating is the only other option. Google ways to meet people, Google knows everything! But my advice would leave online dating as your utter most last option! Because everything is not what it seems online!

I hope you guys learned something from this post, other than the fact I am a complete dope (or was!). Online dating can swing both ways, but from my experience, my advice would be you're better than that, and if you're feeling lonely, kittens make great company! 

Happy New Year everybody! Toodle-loo! :)



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