Friday, 1 January 2016

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Guaranteed Tips To Get Your Ex Back! 

We've all done it. Cried, begged and pleaded for a relationship not to go under. But how attractive is that? If someone decides to leave you, realistically, you sobbing your heart out leaving your dignity behind you isn't going to make the person think "Oh, I love you when you're face is covered in salty tears, do me!" HA! Doubt it. If someone does love to see you cry, well c'mon that's an obvious one. Get the hell away from them!

Anyways, even if you have done all of the above, you can still redeem yourself. How would I know? Because I've been there and I used these techniques that made my ex come running like a puppy. Read on to reveal my secrets! ;)

1. Don't block or delete them on sites you were glued together on. 

You want them to see all the fake fun you're having and then in the long run the real fun you're having. Do this by avoiding statuses about how sad and depressed you're feeling and substitute them with "Can't WAIT to go out at the weekend!" or something along those lines, even if you're not. How do they know you're at home in bits, unless you broadcast it? So better yet, broadcast your fake happiness and new found freedom. They wouldn't be expecting it and become confused at how easily you "got over it", most likely resulting in some form of contact. Which you're too busy to respond to, remember?! ;)

2. Always post going out pictures with you looking reeeal sexy!

Two people who were once always on each other 24/7 are now having no contact whatsoever. And no matter what anyone says, in relationships, along with being attracted to personality, you fall for how they look too, flaws and all. So for them to see these pictures of you at your best when really you could be wearing fuzzy socks and jammies (pjs!), they begin to remember little things they miss about you. How you kiss, the way you smell, certain clothes you wear. All because you posted pictures of you showing off your best assets, forcing them to miss what they lost.

3.Never complain about how upset you are. No one actually cares and WILL take the piss out of you.

I'm a full believer in misery loves company. But that doesn't last long. There's only so much whinging and wining people can take before they stop talking to you and just happen to awkwardly avoid you everytime they see you. This is because no one likes to hear others complain. It drains everyone involved of their energy, happiness and effort of living. It's so dull! A support system is vital for you at this stage and to make the most of it, be someone others want to be around. Say "Fuck him!" when they ask if you're missing your ex and turn "I miss them" into an "I can't believe I even went there, ugh!" 

4. Remember, they're NOT God's gift, so stop thinking they are.

When we miss someone, we have a problem of envisioning our life being so grim without them. We reminisce the good times, pretending bad times never happened, even if bad times occurred more than good. This will make it harder to let go and more likely to desperately beg for them back. Exs are exs for a reason and holding onto someone who you shouldn't be with anymore because you're ignoring your instinct to accept the break up is unfair to your future self, who is living happily with the right person. Yet, the longer you're with the wrong one, the longer the right one will be sitting around going "When will this yoke come and take me away to our paradise land full of sexytime and chocolate?!"

. In time, you will see your ex again and they will either get extremely, deathly, skinny and think they look amazing (like my ex did, he really didn't look amazing at all),fat, or have this awful personality that you once thought was charm but has turned into complete rudeness. Either way you will talk to/see them and realise they ain't all that! 

You'll be surprised. By doing this, chances are they'll come back for your attention and it will turn out that when they do come back, you won't want them! 

I know this from experience, all of which came from a first 'love' which turned out to be anything but. He thought he was a great one dumping me at HIS debs infront of all his friends, in which I made sure I did all of the above However, this was after 4 solid days of begging and crying desperately (so shameful!). Low and behold, by changing my tactic from desperate to oblivious of his existence, he came back 2 weeks later. The reason I think this happened was because I went to his house to collect my things, waltzed in with a big smile on my face and beamed as I walked past him and back out the door! He was mind boggled so much that he showed up in my town, requested to meet up but nope, I turned him down, making sure he knew I was interested in someone else. This was harsh and maybe I should have given a second chance, but when you know there's nothing to go back to, what's the point? If I did, I'd just be lugging around with someone who just wasn't right for me whatsoever while pretending they were. 

Plus, I wouldn't be in such a happy place right now with my Darrypops <3

To mend a broken heart you have to stay clear from the one who caused it to break. Those who are worth a second chance stick around to make sure they clean up the mess instead of leaving you to mend it yourself.

Keep the ball in your court peeps :)

P.S. If these don't work, then clearly cupid has his eye on someone much more worth your time, go get 'em!!



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